20th July 2016

Welcome to our Blog!

By Sona Sohal

Welcome to the new official blog of So Sona!

Our brand and website has gone through quite a revamp – formally known as Sona Makeup, So Sona is the new look with a new direction.

In our blog you will find out what we are up to in the world of makeup, wether behind the scenes images and videos from makeup photoshoots and catwalks, or reviews and useful makeup tutorials featuring none other than Sona herself.

Feel free to get in touch with us to let us know what you would like to see featured on our blog. Let us know what kind of tutorials you would like to see or if there are any products out there you would like us to review. Also, if you would like to have your makeup article featured here, give us a shout! We love sharing great content…especially that which involves makeup!